Youthwork Programmes

There are several programmes which run during the year for young people to look at life skills.

Rainbows Peer Support Grief Programmes

Our youth workers are trained Rainbows facilitators. The Rainbows Programme supports children and young people affected by loss due to bereavement, separation or divorce. It is a 9-week programme which runs in the local primary schools. This peer support programme allows young people to explore their feelings in relation to their loss in a safe and secure environment whilst learning that they are not alone in that experience.

Working Things Out Teen Programme

For adolescents ages 11-16 years

The participants of this programme will generally have a parent attending the Parents of Adolescents programme that we run adjacently. We facilitate the WTO Adolescent programme in conjunction with Northside Community and Family Services.

WTO aims to help young people build communication and conflict resolution skills in to order to help them improve their relationships within their families, in school and in the community. The programme sessions address personal stories of adolescents who have coped with the many different issues that young people can experience in their transition to adulthood.


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