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Northside FRC

A brief history

Northside Family Resource Centre (originally named St Munchin’s) was established in 1987 and has grown and developed in response to the needs of the communities in which it operates.  In 1994, the International Year of the Family, Northside Family Resource Centre was one of a small number of Centres which was funded for the first time under the Department of Social Welfare.  The rationale for this funding was “the perception of a possible gap in the statutory support for Community Development activities focused on support for family…”.

Community development principles are central to the functioning of the Centre and underlie all activity and support.

What makes us unique?

The Family Resource Centre has a large professional staff team including community development workers, family support workers, youth workers and early year professionals.  This professional approach ensures we are more than service provision, we are responding and meeting the needs of individuals, families and the community in which we serve.  Our focus is to build individual, family and community resilience resulting in coping mechanisms, improved outcomes for children and increased resilience for the whole community.  Due to the life-cycle approach, that is, from the very young to the very old, it means a whole family approach can be taken with many needs being met under the same roof.

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