Dina Incredible Years Programme

The Junior Infants class in the Afterschool Service, takes part in the Dina programme each week throughout the academic year.

Dina Programme

This programme is running in conjunction with the SMILE School Completion programme. The Incredible years programme encourages young children to problem solve, make and be good friends, regulate their emotions and positive team work skills. The programme employs strategies to promote children’s non-aggressive ways to solve common conflicts, appropriate classroom behaviours and positive social skills with other children and adults.


The programme involves use of puppetry to deal with difficult situations. Research in Europe has shown that 8 out 10 children benefit from this programme. There is also an evaluation and tracking element to this programme.

  • The concepts promoted are:
  • Problem Solving
  • Anger Management
  • How to do your best in school
  • Managing emotions
  • Being a good friend/supporting each other

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