“Kids go where there is excitement. They stay where there is love.”

Zig Ziglar

Our relationships with our children change as they grown into young adults. Your child will want more privacy and to spend more time with their friends. But all important is family love and support. As parents and caregivers, we must be the ones to help our children learn how to make responsible decisions and build healthy relationships.
There will be times when it’s hard. But if you hold onto what works well and learn from when you are not at your best your child will feel loved and secure.
We strive to provide programmes and activities that supports your loving relationship with your teenager.

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Parenting Programmes

Are you interested joining a parenting programme where you can meet other parents; develop your parenting skills and explore solutions to the challenges we meet as parents? We have parenting programmes that focus on all the various stages of our children’s lives. For teenagers we have:

2 Parenting Programmes

Parents Plus Adolescents Programme

The Adolescents Programme considers how parents can build good relationships and connect with their teenage children, while also being firm and influential in their lives. The topics covered are wide and varied such as - Getting to know and connecting with your teenager, communicating positively and effectively as well as learning how to help build your teenager’s self-esteem and confidence, negotiating rules and boundaries, teaching teenager’s responsibility, positive discipline for teenagers and managing conflict.

Community and Family Services work in partnership with our Youth Work Services in the delivery of this programme. We encourage the teens of participants to attend the Working Things Out Adolescent programme.

Target Group: parents of children aged 12-17 years
Duration: 8 weeks x 2 hours

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Working Things Out (WTO) Teen Programme

Working Things Out (WTO) Teen Programme aims to help young people build communication and conflict resolution skills in to order to help them improve their relationships within their families, in school and in the community. The programme sessions are designed around a DVD containing personal stories of adolescents who have coped with issues such as Bullying, School Pressures, Conflict with Parents, as well as more specific mental health issues, such as Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, OCD, Self-harm and Suicide. Each of the stories are four/five minutes long and are presented as mini-movies with animation, voiceover and a soundtrack. The stories offer advice on how to cope and give ideas on how to improve relationships, things young people can do to help themselves and getting help and support.

The participants of this programme will generally have a parent attending the Parents of Adolescents programme that we run at the same time. This programme is facilitated by a family support worker and a youth worker.

Target Group: for adolescents aged 12-16 years
Duration: 8 weeks x 2 hours

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Parenting Support Workshops

We invite speakers in to the centre to give informative talks to parents and carers throughout the year. These are usually two- hour workshops: some are held in the morning and others in the evening to suit parents with different schedules. These talks have been on topics such as Emotional Regulation, ADHD, Child Development, baby weaning and paediatric first aid. We have also explored topics such as healthy nutrition and diet for families and held workshops on parent/child mental health. We advertise these workshops on our website and our Facebook Page

5 Parenting Workshops

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